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I think the reason why the AG Group is my favorite is because on some level, every dynamic is clearly defined between the group members.

Ash and May: Easily definable mentor/student relationship, with Ash helping out May when she first started out on her journey. Now this relationship kind of faded overtime when May became more and more skilled at Coordinating (something Ash knew very little about) and Pokemon Training in general, but May would continue to be influenced by Ash battle style up until the end (for better and for worse) Personality wise Ash was sometimes putt off by May’s rather laid back attitude as May was at Ash’s stubborn streak, but at the end of they day they were still good friends.

May and Brock: Probably the weakest one overall but it still has it’s merits.I recall a decent number of instances where May dragged Brock when they shopped for supplies and such. And Brock, being the big brother figure that he is, was always one to give May advice and encouragement when needed.

May and Max: They frequently fight and bicker like you’d expect a normal pair of siblings to do but at the end of the day, they still look out for one another. May cares deeply for her little brother and is actually very protective of him and worriers herself silly whenever she’s unexpectley separated from him. And while Max may try and act independent and act like he doesn’t need her, he really does in the end, you can see that when he’s actually sad to find out he won’t go with May to Johto, on the OTHER side of that May didn’t want Max to go with her because she figured she would depend on him to much, it’s a great way of showing how much they care for and depend on one other.

Max and Ash: Now this could have been the typical “little kid looks up to big kid” relationship but it’s used in a more interesting way. While Max would indeed have his moments of admiration for Ash whenever he pulls of something particularly impressive in battle, he would not hesitate to call him out whenever he did something stupid or ill advised (he really let him have it in their first meeting, insulting him for his placing in Johto League). Despite that Ash would still act like something of a big brother to Max, teaching him about the many aspects of Pokemon and the like, and this all showed the really well at the end where Ash not only gives Max a final talk, but also promises to battle him when he’s able to start his journey.

Max and Brock:  Like Ash, Brock would serve as a big brother/teacher figure to Max, showing him the many aspects of Pokemon Breeding. And it seems to have paid off since Max is to said to have watched Brock whenever he did his breeding thing, took what he saw and implement some of that into taking care of the Pokemon back home at the Petalburg Gym. Max and Brock would also usually be the ones to talk strategy during a battle that May or Ash were usually participating in. And of course we have Max taking Misty’s place as being to one to constantly reel him in whenever he tries to romance anyone.

Brock and Ash: This one is rather interesting to me. Before AG, Brock was the one taking care of Ash and Misty, being the more mature figure the group. But in AG Brock and Ash seem to be a lot more close in terms of maturity (not THAT close but still), meaning that Ash and Brock were the ones who took "looked after" the comparatively less experienced May and Max rather then Brock looking over all three of them. Heck, before Brock came back, May and Max were the ones looking towards Ash for guidance and asking him what they should do.The bond between the two is still there, but both of them had experience and they would often reminisce on their times before they joined up with May and Max showing that the both of them have had put in a considerable amount of time traveling and experiencing the world together.

The AG Group continues the theme of family-like bonds that I believe the OS Group had as well. Though it’s closer here because we have actual family relationships to go with it all. If I can relate the OS Group to a trio of "best friends", "one big family" is what id call the AG Group as a whole. 

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